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When the user amends or inserts a new record, before proceeding to another tab the user must save or undo that record. If the user moves to another tab without closing the record, that record becomes locked. If this happens the user must log out of the system and log in again.

There is not a specified limit on the document size when uploading, however it is recommended to keep file size to a minimum. It is always recommended to upload all documents in PDF format for ease of portability, but the system also accepts documents in certain other formats.

If the Beneficiary needs to upload a receipt, a clarification or any document (except invoices and supporting documentation) after a payment has been confirmed by the Project Leader, the Beneficiary can upload this document under the ‘Post-confirm Doc’. This tab will be available only after the claim has been confirmed. Further information is available in the user manual.

When rejecting a payment, the Line Ministry and the Treasury department have the option to send a system-generated email to the Project Beneficiary or Line Ministry informing them that the said payment has been rejected, specifying also the reason behind the rejection.

At the Payment Claim module the user may process an invoice that is directly payable to the supplier or a reimbursement request that is linked to just one invoice.

At the Payment Claim Multiple Invoices module the Beneficiary may process a Reimbursement Request that is linked to more than one invoice.

The Reimbursement Reference number is automatically generated by the system. When inserting a reimbursement request the field reimbursement reference number is greyed out and is then automatically generated upon saving.

In the Procurement section the user is to input the details and documentation of the process of finding and acquiring goods, services or works from economic operators, often via tendering, competitive bidding processes or direct orders.

In the Contract section the user is to input the binding terms between the Contracting Authority and the economic operator/consortium upon which the goods or services will be acquired.

You may track the progress of the payment claim from the tab ‘Payment Authorisation’. When the invoice is paid an ‘invoice paid’ message will be displayed under the top grid together with the payment date. Further information is available in the user manual.

“Please enter a small amount for Eligible in Financial Plan; not enough funds are left in the Eligible of the Contract” What is the problem?

Financial plans are allocated at each level (Operation – Activities – Sub-activities – Contracts – Payment Claims). In order to enter the financial plan of a particular level, there must be the necessary allocation available at a higher level (e.g. in order to enter a financial plan at payment claim level there needs to be the same amount or higher at contract level).

For any other technical questions or support, you may wish to contact our helpdesk here.


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